Thursday, December 12, 2013



you are invited to go to this link:

 to witness SOUL FAM's first video filmed at site of the song's inspiration, Tahquitz Canyon, near Palm Springs, CA by Josh Yune. 

Tim sings with Heidi and John Malcomson backed by percussionist Marc Boucher-Colbert & Bassist/ Studio Engineer Dan Yost on original recording. for new cd available in January 2014.

Set One recorded Studio SAMPLER

1. Indian Canyon (Good Medicine

2. Back to the Valley (A Hobbit goes to Rivendale)

3. We Love / One Soul Fam-ily

4. Kitty Tiger Joy Joy 

5. Standing together (Seattle's got the Blues)

SET 2  recorded LIVE !!   (featuring Timothy EarthHealer)

6. Be Filled (with Light & Love)

7. Slippin' (into the Mystery)

8. Raining in the Desert

9. Discover yourself in Nature

10. Total Harmonic Convergence

musicians in studio:

Timothy Malone, Lead vocal, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, songwriting

Heidi Malcomson, angelic vocals, hand drum, dancing smiling

John Malcomson, deep vocals & sound effects, ukelele, marimba,

Marc Boucher-Colbert, Drums, percussion, rhythm of the jungle

Dan Yost, Bass Guitar, studio recording engineer (1-4)

Drew Eddy, Slide Guitar & studio recording on #5

All songs came through Tim, Copyright 2013
with lyric / song arrangement additions by Soul Fam

“Though creative expressions SOUL FAM offers spirit-filled love and healing to
 the world.  Ultimately SOUL FAM is the audience as well as the performers.  We
 are all SOUL FAM!” 

www. Tim

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Music events -- SOUL FAM 9.12.13

We're One SOUL Fam-ily:
A FUN-raising Concert 

For Interfaith Community Sanctuary (ICS)
with Original Songs, music & Stories by Timothy Malone, 
John & Heidi Malcomson (and surprise guests)

2 Sets with dessert and tea intermission

On: Thursday September 12th

6:45 pm Gather in Sanctuary
7:00 pm Songs ... for the Heart and Playful Spirit:
7:50 pm Intermission with dessert & tea (in lower hall) 
8:10 pm Songs ... 
as Medicine and Illumination 9:00pm Closing

Arrive when you can, Leave when you need to ...

Interfaith Community Sanctuary
1763 NW 62nd Street, Ballard, 98107 

Suggested Donation: $5 $20.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds.
All proceeds from the concert will go to support the fiscal/structure of this 1890s Historic landmark.

(ICS is an all volunteer run organization.

Soul Fam Cd's will be available.

"Through creative expressions Soul Fam offers spirit-filled love and healing to the world. Ultimately Soul Fam is the audience as well as the performers. We are all Soul Fam!"

This event is part of the Compassion Games:

Friday, April 12, 2013

Springtime blooms Mystical Poetry ... mindful meditations and more!

Good morning sunshine! 

Bells ring, I breathe
Birds sing, I calm
Body relaxes
I sigh,
Walk in nature 
I walk in beauty

  copyright 2013                         

note on use of poetry and meditations from this site:
you are welcome to quote the words as long as author is named and no money is exchanged or made:
these are for the benefit of all beings. If desiring to publish or put in print Please contact

Spring blooms new mystical poetry and meditations

Gd morning sunshine !

Bells ring, I breathe
Birds sing, I calm
Body relaxes
I sigh,
Walk in nature 
I walk in beauty
Step.       copyright 2013 TimothyJMalone for personal spiritual use only