Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How might Music save the Hurting World?

Timothy EarthHealer

& Soul Fam



Upcoming Monthly events:

· APRIL 14 at ridgeback cafĂ© 7 pm

· JUNE 24th Vol. pk. cedar grove

Set list from Debut:

1. Raining in the Desert

2. We Love (Ourselves Today)

3. Kitty Tiger Joy Joy (in 5 languages -- with hand puppets!)

4. Cowboy Song (from film “Joe v. Volcano”)

5. Good Medicine @ INDIAN CANYON

6. Instrumentals: Harmonic Convergence

7. Back to the Valley (Rivendale)

8. BE Filled (with Light and Love)

9. BlackBird Fly

10. Chants & Poetry Songs

11. Why can’t I? (Ode to Brasil Jazz)

12. The Over 40 Blues / Blues Medley

13. The Leprechan Song (St. Paddy’s Day Blues)

NEW CD COMING May 1, 2012


LAST MONTH POST -- FEBRUARY 2012: What if Joy is what its all about?


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