Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Memories of the Snowstorm: Haiku and meditations to come

Remarkable! Beautiful! Fun! Scary ...
The Weeklong SnowStorm of 2012
expressed itself in three movements: Snow, Ice and Wind
(and for some, floods & power outages for days)

However it was experienced ...
in the shape of Haiku here for you:

During those days of forced retreat these poems emerged
and asked to be shared ...

1. Boughs, heavy with snow
Bend to the Earth, pointing:
pure white, powdery delight.

2. Snow fall, Winters day.
Slow down, gears halt to silence;
(So) we may feel the Love.

3. Ice, Snow, Broken Branches
Upon the Ground - Nature's
heavy burden, down.

Next up:
Guided Meditations for Self-Discovery