Friday, October 10, 2008

New blog for "Treasures beyond Measure," a book in process

One of my biggest Dreams since 2001 is that of publishing, in book form, the writings from my one year pilgrimage in Asia in 2000-01. A unique aspect that may appeal to people is the context: looking back on it as a pre-911 perspective. See for some more reflections on how these writings may be of service in these confusing, challenging times.

FIRST STEPS: I need your help! please read my writings on this post and on the website (above) under "Asian Pilgrimage." Enjoy, offer feedback, even edit ...if you feel so moved. Why? This will help me generate enthusiasm to re-visit it and also get it out there SOONER for the benefit and service to others. So inspire me! Next blog will be a short story...

VISION: Now 3 months into my sabbatical these are some aspirations: ** the next step for me is to copywrite the title and also update my website as place for emerging writings, emerging new directions. ** In January 2009 I will spend a month in Florida on Pine island to dedicate a good chunk of time for writing and editing into a form suitable for next steps. ** Then to explore publishing and contact writers I know to assist with final forms, a preface, illustrations, etc. This is all 7 years in the making ... may Spirit guide and support all our creative expressions!

in peace,