Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 11 -- A Unique Window into Muslim, Sufi ways of praying


Muslim & Sufi Ways of Praying and Living.”
May 11th , 7 pm, St. James' Cathedral Hall.

Tim Malone, M.Div will be facilitating a panel of “ordinary” women and men who will share experiences of daily life as a Muslims in this society.
We will hear what is most meaningful for families living in USA practicing five times a day prayer and other pillars of Islam.
The goal is to awaken each of us to faith of Islam as it is practiced by men and women locally so that we can understand and dialogue more compassionately in our own communities.
Panelists include persons from Turkey & a Whirling Dervish from the lineages connected with the poet Rumi.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend this unique event
aimed at Interfaith dialogue and cooperation toward a more peaceable world.


MAY 18th WINDOW INTO THE EAST ... as it prays ....

Want to see how people pray & seek healing on the island of Bali and beyond?

Come on a Visual Pilgrimage alongside a veteran traveler and teacher who encountered World Religions from the inside on a one year Pilgrimage in Asia. Meet “holy men,” healers & sacred sites for women and men for more than three millennia.
Eastern spiritual traditions come alive on this evening of stories and powerpoint images.

All are welcome. Come as you are.
Same info as above.
see flyer on website