Sunday, November 13, 2011

PROJECTS COMPLETE: This Wednesday AUDIO BOOK Celebration & VIDEO for Holidays

Here is your invite to Wednesday's Book Celebration /Audio CD and Exercises on CD project
as well as the link below
to a Christmas Song Video to bring joy to these wintry days:


The url is

Otherwise just type in Christmas in Seattle (is the Christmas for Me) at
Song by Jennifer Oliver with backing and support by yours truly!

Book Celebration Event - YOU ARE INVITED!!
You are invited to join us in celebrating the release of The Chronic Illness Owner's Manual in Seattle at Ravenna Third Place Books, 6504 20th Ave NE, Seattle,
on Wednesday November 16th at 7 pm.
Author Beth Alderman MD, MPH will read several anecdotes,
Tim Malone will guide a healing exercise, and Will Blades will share his music.

The Manual WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIO BOOK READ BY TIM MALONE, via download from See below in bold for Guided Exercises CD coming soon!

The Chronic Illness Owner's Manual: Just the Stories [abridged audio book read by Timothy J. Malone]
Put this audio book on your CD or MP3 player, kick back, and let the stories take you on a journey through the landscape of healing. Ideal for use while in the bath, walking or resting in nature, or attending your practitioner's healing studio. Expected in November.

The Chronic Illness Owner's Manual, Audio Guide to the Exercises [audio book created in collaboration with Timothy J. Malone]
If you are a self-healer or practitioner, you can put this audio book on your CD or MP3 player, relax, and allow it to support and enhance your healing practice in real time. If you are chronically ill and have not yet developed the energy or skills to guide yourself, or you are a practitioner new to sevenfold healing, this audio book can acquaint you with the twenty-six meditative healing exercises and support the development of your inner guide to sevenfold healing. Coming soon.The Sevenfold Healing Creative Team will be available to sign books, answer questions, and schedule bodywork treatments.

The Sevenfold Healing System for relief, wellbeing, and recovery in chronic illness is ready to use and to share with friends, loved ones, and clients through The Chronic Illness Owner's Manual, our new bedside companion, reference book, and wisdom text for integrative and comprehensive self-guided healing transformation. Because it enables the sick to access medical lineages ranging from Allopathy to Daoism; to integrate fragmented and disparate sources of care; and to heal all levels of the body from the flesh to interbeing, the Manual offers readers the chance to join in the revitalization and resacralization of modern global medicine. The Manual includes healing anecdotes with commentaries, working questions, and meditative practices.

Currently it is available on paperback via CreateSpace and as an eBook via Kindle and Kindle App. Paperback version includes original cover art by Coastal Salish artists Dylan Thomas and lessLIE. For more, see our website or continue to the holiday gift list below.

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